Hello Bro n Sis, Thanks for stopping by and reading articles on this blog, sorry if there are still many shortcomings, not to patronize just want to share information and experiences.


My Name is : Manik Swadiaya I Gst Ngrh, was born and grew up in Denpasar, Bali. however hometown in Seririt Buleleng, education yes normal normal bro n sis nothing special like martabak wear two or three eggs hehehe, is normal TK (garden kiddy) two years, SD (elementary School) 6 years, JSS (Junior High School) 3 years, high school (secondary school) science majors three years, and students of Economics four years, plus gain a little knowledge to learn to live in neighboring Singapore for 6 months, through the program on campus at the time. the rest so far so good.

Is married and his wife is healthy as well as in healthy children Similarly, Busyness is now engaged in a boarding house, Printing, and the Land Lease, more able bro n sis look at the Special Offer in sub menu at the top of the blog ini. Who know are in need my services, in addition to wrestle the effort I also serve on the Hospital. where before the service in this hospital had a little crossed the globe in the field of hospitality in Bali.

This blog discusses LifeStyle, Culinary, Travels, and Tips Tricks. for installation of Ads in Webblog or Establish Gathering, criticism, suggestions, feedback to 3835.info can call the number or social networking sites listed on the contact sub menu.

Do not ask what the meaning and 3835, it was just a brand, which I use to facilitate cooperation, as well as stay in touch with fellow colleagues, as a contact number or identity as to be easily known only. until finally everything I created, or that I made in 3835 added frills.

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